Star Apple: 13 Amazing Health Benefits of Star Apple Fruit


Amazing Health Benefits of Star Apple

Star apple is one of the popular fruits found in most African countries such as Nigeria and Uganda. it is known in Nigeria by the native names Agbaloma (for the Yorubas) and Udara (for the Igbos). Its scientific name is Chrysophyllum cainito and it belongs to the Sapotaceae family.

It has a very great nutritional value which is one of the reasons why it is so popular used, and it is also medicinal even the tree is of great importance too.

Star Apple fruit
Star Apple fruit

Star apple is one of the fruits that add to your diet and can even help in the reduction, prevention and curing of some ailments such as cell inflammation, and stomach ulcers and also promote skin health and the well-being of the whole body.

Keep reading to find out more yourself.

Health Benefits of Star Apple

Here are the health benefits of including star apples in your diet. they include:

1) Good Source of Vitamin C

Since the human body is not capable of producing vitamin C for consumption by the body, here is a good source of vitamin C. Star apple is one of the fruits that are high in vitamin C content which is needed in the body to support various vital functions that is taking place in your body.


2) It aids Weight loss

Star apple contains a great amount of dietary fibre and is also low in fat and calories. For those who are trying to lose weight, star apple is one of the fruits to add to your diet now.

3) Immune Booster

Star apple helps in the production of collagen which boosts the health of the immune system due to its vitamin and carotene properties in the fruit.

4) Aids Digestion

Just like I’ve said before, the fruit is rich in dietary fibre content which facilitates the effective functioning of your digestive system.

8 health benefits of African star apple - Prime News Ghana

5) Good for Pregnancy

This is one of the fruits recommended for pregnant women because it prevents constipation and indigestion in pregnant women. it is also known for its ability to prevent the urge to vomit which they mostly experience during pregnancy.

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6) Natural Anti-oxidant

Star apple is rich in antioxidants like catechin, epicatechin, quercetin and Vitamin C which is also a powerful antioxidant.

7) Anti-cancer

Star apple is making its way into becoming an anti-cancer agent and not only that, it has been discovered that the polyphenol in star apple inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the body.

8) It is Good for the bones

The vitamin C which you’ll get from the star apple promotes collagen formation which is important for maintaining your bone structure, it also assists in the absorption of calcium (an essential nutrient needed by the bone).

9) Improves the Skin Health

To maintain overall skin health, star apple is one of the fruits that will help you fight against some skin defects such as sun damage, wrinkles and many others.

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10) It reduces Cell inflammation

Star apple is also known to contain a compound that reduces cell inflammation which is known as lupeol acetate.

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11) It Prevents Stomach Ulcers

The bioactive antioxidants present in star apple have gastro-protective properties which means that it can help in the prevention of stomach ulcers.

12) Reduces Risk of Heart problems

Star apple contains cardiac glycoside which is capable of reducing the risk of heart problems and also maintaining cardiovascular health in general.

13) It is also a good source of lowering blood pressure

The Cardiac glycoside that is found in star apple and is used as a heart tonic can also lower blood pressure by removing salt and water from the body.


Purple Star Apples
Purple Star Apples

Side effects of eating star apple

Although there are many amazing benefits of eating or adding star apple to your diet, there are also some side effects it may have on you which are:

  1. The peels contain a potential allergen that is called natural latex. So avoid the fruit if you are allergic to rubber latex.
  2. You may also experience some other effects like runny nose, hives, itching, breathlessness and wheezing.

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Even if you experience these effects after eating the fruit, please consult health practitioners to confirm if it is caused by the fruit you have eaten and the best way to stop it from occurring again.

Star apple is a sweet citrus that has many things that you will benefit from enjoying ranging from its vitamin C composition to its ability to lower blood pressure plus the sweet flavour you would get from eating it.

You can include it in your diet because it is a good source of both vitamins A and C. So you can agree with me that eating star apple fruit every day will give you a stronger and healthier body.


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