CPA Ads Networks -Ads Network to buy traffic for your CPA/Affiliate Marketing Campaign


CPA Ads Networks -Ads Network to buy traffic for your CPA/Affiliate Marketing Campaign

CPA marketing is the best form of affiliate marketing and to benefit from it, you must know how to make use of paid traffic and this is where the knowledge of ads network comes to play.

Making use of free traffic in CPA marketing is less profitable because before you can make a reasonable amount of money, the offer might have been deactivated and you cannot track the traffic which in turn would affect the optimization of the offer.

Before we move on to list the different ads network, it is important to know the different categories of ad networks and they include:

PPC Ads network: PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and this is the most popular type of ad network where you are charged once someone clicks on your ads. PPC networks are the best ads networks one can use because a lot of people can view an ad but only those that are interested that would click on it.

PPV ads Network: PPV stands for Pay per view and the advertiser pays per view and in this type of advertising, the advertiser can pay around $0.001 per view. PPV is more expensive compared to PPC.

Below is a list of the best ads networks that you can buy traffic for your CPA marketing campaign:

Google Ads: Google Ads is the most popular advertising network and Google ads is a CPC network and they are strict with the offers one promotes. Google ads can ban your offer at any time if you are found violating any rule. There are different ads format that one can use and you determine the budget for each ad so ensure that you do your research properly before you use Google Ads for your CPA campaign. There is no minimum for deposit and that is the main advantage of google ads.

Bing Ads: Bing ads is also known as Microsoft advertising and it is an advertising network owned by Microsoft. Bing ads have one of the best converting traffic and you can get a click with a CPC of $0.01 which is the lowest CPC. Bing ads do not have a great traffic volume like google but they would send you a good amount of quality traffic especially if you are running ads on some of their platforms like Yahoo and AOL.

Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads is a Facebook advertising platform and they are very strict compared with other advertising networks with the offers someone runs.

Before one can run Facebook ads, he/she must have created a Facebook page for the product that he/she is running and once you have done that then you can proceed to pay for ads.

Facebook ads have no minimum CPC and it is determined by the advertiser finally ensure that you avoid promoting offers such as pornographic offers, and low-quality offers and in addition make sure you do not promote a landing page directly because facebook frowns at this.

Whenever you are running an ad on Facebook, make sure the page you are linking to be not the offer page because once facebook notices this, your ads and its account would be immediately disabled.

Reddit Ads: Reddit is one of the cheapest platforms to run ads but ensure that the offer you are promoting is not fake because Reddit users are one of the most honest sets of people. Avoid promoting sweepstakes offers like Get a free iPhone, Get a Samsung S9 because you would not only end up getting a bad review but you would also end up wasting your money.

Instagram Ads: Instagram ads are another popular advertising network and this form of ads would work well for those that promote eCommerce offers.

Instagram ads are very cheap but before you run ads on Instagram, make sure that you do a survey on the users of Instagram and know the kind of offers you are promoting that would appeal to those users. Finally, ensure that you have a page because if someone is interested in your page then he/she can follow your page.

Finally, please note that there are some things you should do before you run an offer if not no matter the platform being used, you might still have an unsuccessful campaign. The landing page you use can either increase or decrease conversion finally, make sure that you use tracking software to track your conversion because, without tracking, you would not be able to optimize.

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