Graduation Announcement – Guides On How To Write Graduation Announcement And The Examples 


Graduation Announcement – Guides On How To Write Graduation Announcement And The Examples 

The graduation celebration is considered the most joyous moment for every individual who has completed their studies. It is a significant accomplishment that one can take pride in and cherish. The occasion calls for a family gathering to commemorate the success of the graduate.

Creating a card can be a hassle-free option if you’re planning to throw a party for your graduation and want to announce it. Here are some guidelines on how to include your wording in the card.

1. The Grad’s Full Name

One important thing to remember when creating a graduation announcement card is to include the graduate’s name. For a formal announcement, it is recommended to include the graduate’s first, middle, and last name. However, if you prefer a casual approach, you can add a nickname if the graduate has one.

2. School Name

It is advisable to add the complete name of the educational institution from which the graduate has graduated. In the case of high school graduates, you may also mention the name of the college or university where they plan to continue their studies.

3. Parents’ Names

Adding the parents’ names to the announcement is a way to express your pride, and the method for adding them is illustrated below.

4. Major Or Degree

In case you’re making a college graduation announcement, mentioning the field of study the student pursued is important. And if it’s a graduate school announcement, you must inform your family and friends about the degree your graduate has earned.

5. Graduation Year

Include the year of graduation as a design element in the announcement card.

6. Back Of Card

The rear side of the announcement card can be used to add a personal touch. Choose a layout that allows for sufficient space on the back, allowing you to share details about the graduate’s dedication, school experiences, interests, and aspirations with loved ones.

Example of Graduation Announcement

We have provided some examples to assist you in creating a graduation announcement. The examples are categorized by the level of education and the person sending the announcement. Go through them and select the one that suits you best.

High School Graduation Announcement Wording

    1. Mr and Mrs Danny
      We are proud to announce the graduation of
      Michelle johnson
      Glory Land High School
      Class of 2023
    2. Announcing our wonderful graduate
      Anna Abel
      From Zanny High School
      Attending the University of Toronto in the Fall

Formal College Graduation Announcement Wording

    1. Announcing the Graduation of
      glory Micheal
      The University of Science and Technology
      School of Architecture
      Class of 2023
    2. You did it!
      Martin Noble
      Class of 2023
      BSC in Mechanical Engineering
      Enugu Institute of Technology
      Graduate Class of 2023

Masters Degree Graduation Announcement Wording

    1. Class of 2023
      Wisdom Alex
      University of Florida
      Masters of Education

      Law School Or Ph.D. Graduation Announcement Wording

  1. Congratulations!
    Kenneth Bill
    Degree of Law, University of Chicago
  2. Announcing
    Jane Maxwell PhD
    Clinical Psychology
    University of Texas at Austin

Nursing Graduation Announcement Wording

  1. joy william
    Masters of Science in Nursing
    Enugu University

Graduation Announcement From Parents

As a proud parent of a graduating student, sending an announcement about your child’s educational achievement is an incredible way to express your joy and excitement for their remarkable accomplishment.


We are thrilled to share the news that [Name], who is [Your Name]’s [Relationship (e.g. son, daughter, granddaughter, etc.)], has successfully completed [Degree and Field of Study] from [Name of Institution]. The graduation ceremony is scheduled on [Date and Time] at [Location]. We cordially invite all our loved ones to come and celebrate this significant moment with us. Kindly let us know if you can attend before [Date].

Graduation Announcement With Ceremony Information

To invite guests to the graduation ceremony, it is recommended to enclose a small insert card measuring 5.5″ x 4.25″ along with the announcement. This card can be used to share log-in details for virtual attendance or invite guests to a virtual party.

Alternatively, you may include the relevant information directly on the announcement with appropriate wording.

  1. Please Join us at the graduation ceremony of
    Eric James
    Class of 2023
    Copeland high school
    At 1 PM on June 5, 2023

Back Of Graduation Announcement Card

Minted provides more than twelve distinct design templates that showcase a scholastic timeline, a message with a school logo, or a composed letter that you may use to display your personal information on the back of the card.

Kenney had a great experience during her years at Hill Gate High School. She was captain in her track and field team, provided guidance to students at a nearby middle school, and excelled in her chemistry exams. Her plans for the future include attending the University of Georgia in the fall. She is mainly excited about watching football games and hopefully pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Graduation Announcement Etiquette

How To Address Your Graduation Announcement

To address your recipients, you can either write or print their names and addresses. If you send it to a family household, you can write “The Brooks Family” instead of listing each family member.

For a more formal approach, you can address your recipients as Mr. and Mrs. Brooks. The family name should be on the first line, followed by the street address on the second line, and the city, state, and zip on the third line.

Minted offers an address collection feature to help you keep track of all your loved ones’ contact information. Additionally, you can choose to handwrite your return address or use a return address label. It’s important to note that return address labels are cost-effective and can save a lot of time.

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