Gunshot Wound Precautionary Measures


Gunshot Wound Precautionary Measures

Death is a respecter of no man. You get caught in between a crossfire and you eventually get hit by a stray bullet, survival becomes ideal as you are sent into a state of irrevocable shock, you yearn on the floor for help probably wooing Anubis the god of death.

At what point do you think help would arrive? probably when your whole body becomes numb. We’ve created scenario one in which you become a resourceful contributor to casualty.

The only time a bullet can have a cause-effect on you is after impact, it causes the thin line that helps you identify life from death very blurry, even though you weren’t hit on any vital organ, a bullet wound can still prove fatal if not taken care of properly, at that moment you’ll be at the mercy of medical personnel.

But you don’t necessarily need a degree in medicine in order to extend your life span some precautionary measures should be taken after incurring a bullet wound. Firstly you should note that your chances of surviving a gunshot wound rest on a variety of factors which are;

  • depth at which the gun wound is configured.

-which organs got damaged after bullet impact.

  • difference between you and a hospital.

So the following survival advice about to be dispensed are purely meant to ensure you remain alive before help arrives.

Find cover

The first thing to be done is to pull yourself to safety to avoid receiving another shot. Be sure to alert the ambulance or any health affiliate by making a phone call, while waiting for your saviors to arrive, avoid suffocating yourself, make sure the airways are open to continuing breathing.

Stop the bleeding:

Pain felt after bullet impact is never the cause of death, bleeding is. Wounds rip open tissues, allowing clogged blood within the blood vessels to escape. The rate at which blood rushes out almost feels like they’re relieved to do so. It’s not every time you see an opportunity to be free. Talk about seizing the moment.

Stopping this gory situation depends sorely on the extent of the penetration of the bullet into the body, sometimes it might be a nightmare. Search to see if your arteries, bones or lungs, were shattered, internal bleeding outweighs external bleeding when put in a context of which is much more lethal.

Whichever type of bleeding it is so far it is gotten from a bullet wound the aim should be to constrict the damaged vessel by applying pressure on it by simply pressing, you won’t know what excruciating means, till you feel this kind of pain.

But you don’t expect yourself to be in total comfort, relaxing at this stage would simply drop you at the jaws of death, it’s best you should have donated blood to the hospital than letting it waste.

At all cost avoid drinking water, after losing 80 percent of blood you’ll become thirsty, your insatiable want for water would make whoever is denying you of it seem like a bad guy but avoid drinking water it makes your death at this point certain because;

1.the remaining blood sustaining your system would get cool, and you’ll die.

  1. In most cases of internal bleeding, you become thirsty because of a gaovascular anomaly that is caused by internal bleeding, drinking water would mop away the remaining blood sustaining you.
  2. Taking water might increase blood pressure. This would reopen wounds and bleeding resurges again.

If these can’t dissuade you from drinking water, I’m sure Jesus can he once tried a move like this after being drained on the cross it didn’t end well for him.

Calm down.

Moving the injured part can result in more bleeding by pushing the surrounding arteries to deliver more blood to the injured area. Panicking would increase the heartbeat, causing the rapid production of blood. This blood would eventually be pumped out.

Prevent infection.

When a bullet enters your body, it doesn’t do so alone, it accompanies itself with fragments of hair, items of clothing, and skin, you should also have it in mind after being shot that the bullet didn’t wash its hands before venturing into your body making it dirty, plus the dead skin would decompose almost immediately resulting into a breeding ground for bacteria, which would eventually cause an infection if not addressed.

You must keep the wound clean by washing it with water and covering it up with a clean white cloth to avoid infection. Make this continuous, endeavor to change whichever material you used in covering the bullet wound within hours intervals, keep doing so till the arrival of an ambulance or medical practitioner.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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