How to Fix Your Android Screen Flickering: A Step-by-Step Guide


Android screen flickering can indicate that your phone has physical or software issues that need fixing. Sometimes, it can take just a few seconds to fix, but at other times, you have to involve a technician or the manufacturer before it can be fixed.

These can result from software glitches, phone settings problems, or physical damage such as water damage, power source issues, or charging cable issues. While some are mild, others may be severe to the extent that they may result in a bigger problem if not fixed.

Either way, this article has indicated the various methods of fixing the problem and safely using your phone. Keep reading to find out about them!

How to Fix Your Android Screen Flickering

Several methods exist to fix the screen flickering or flashing issue on your Android phone.

Some of these methods of fixing this screen flickering issue are easy to do by following a few steps, while others require the help of a professional or an Android phone manufacturer. But in other ways, here are the best ways to fix it:

1. Restart your Phone

Sometimes, restarting your phone might be the only action you have to take to resolve the issue of your Android screen flickering. Simply shutting it down and restarting it again will allow your phone to return to normal.

This is a simple task that you can perform by pressing the power button to shut it down and then restarting it. Check if the issues have been fixed. If they have not, you can proceed to use the second method in this post to fix them.

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2. Update all the Apps on your Android device

This can also be the reason behind your Android phone’s flickering or flashing issue. It may be because some of the apps present on your phone have not been updated.

This can pose a threat to your phone security, and that may be the cause of the issue; all you have to do is check out all the apps on your phone and ensure that it is all updated.

If the flickering issue is specific to an app, check out several apps on your device and see if it should be updated.

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3. Update the OS on your Android phone

Always updating your phone can be another method of fixing the flickering issue on your Android phone.

Constantly check for phone updates; it may be that the manufacturer discovered a security threat and has released updates to fix it. Ensure that your phone is always updated to get all the new amazing features that the manufacturer may have added that can help your phone function normally.

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4. Clear the System Cache on your phone

Another way is to clear the system cache on your phone, which can help resolve the issue.

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5. Activate the Safe Mode on your Android phone

if the above methods do not work out, you can put or activate the safe mode of your Android phone. Simply reboot it safely and see if the issue has been resolved.

6. Check for physical damage

You can also check your phone for physical damage, such as water damage and hardware wear and tear caused by overuse or age. This can be the reason why the Android screen is flickering.

You can do that better with the help of a professional so that you can easily detect the fault.

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7. Try Factory Reset

After trying the above methods and none of them working, it is time to reset your phone to its default setting, which you can only do by carrying out a factory reset.

This factory reset will clear all the data, files, and any other material stored in your phone memory, and you will never be able to retrieve them. Therefore, you must back up all the files you do not wish to be lost before you carry out a factory reset on your phone.

Here are the steps to perform the Factory data reset on your phone:

  • Backup your data to prevent data loss
  • Go to the Settings App on your phone
  • Scroll down to search and locate System or General Management and tap on it
  • Select the Reset option on the new page
  • Proceed to tap on the Factory data reset option and confirm your request to reset your phone
  • Put in your password and wait for the process to be completed
  • After it is done, you can set up your phone as if it is a new phone and restore all your data from the backup you made earlier.
  • Then, you can now sign in to your Google account.

Surely, this step will help you fix your phone’s flickering issue, but if it doesn’t, it is high time you contact your phone manufacturer and seek their advice.

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8. Contact your phone manufacturer

Contacting the manufacturer and seeking their advice concerning the issue. You reach out to them through their customer care line and support services for help. Clearly state the issue you are encoutering and add any other description that will enable them detect and fix the problem.


Experiencing an Android screen flickering issue can be stressful, especially when you have an important task or assignment to complete, but you can fix it through the various methods provided in this post.

Also, be careful with each method you want to use, or you can contact your phone manufacturer for the best advice on how to fix the Android screen flickering issue to ensure that you take the right steps.

If you think the issue is due to physical damage, contact a professional on phone repair to help you fix it.

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