1.  Make sure to Prepare Yourself

Remember to make a great speech; it demands you prepare very well. It will be awful to see yourself giving a wrong speech. It is advisable to make sure you plan and prepare your speech before the wedding. You can prepare a week before the wedding, make sure of your brain, and think of good memories you have had with them and how precious they are. Remember the goal is to make a perfect speech and make the couple look happy.

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2. Stay sober

It is advisable, as the best man and also well known to you, that you will give a speech to avoid anything that will distract your mind, most especially taking alcohol. you won’t want to regret your actions after giving the speech; try to stay away from alcohol or drugs

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3. Express gratitude while opening your speech

To express gratitude means to show appreciation and thank everyone who made it to the wedding. Most especially, make sure you recognise the couple’s parents by name and appreciate them for raising two wonderful people.

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4. make a connection by telling a story

Your story should be reasonable and fun. avoid any story that is embarrassing, make sure your story is engaging. Your story can be the best moment you have had with the couple, it can also be the best time and when you hang out with them. It is worth noting that you should never let out their past interested experience as it is not advisable.

You can tell a story of how the groom was too shy to meet the bride on the first day. Make sure your story is perfectly arranged and well said.

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5. Avoid inside jokes

While you might wish to include a joke, know that inside jokes are not accepted. You can do that when you are one-on-one with your friend but not with the large amount of people there especially his best day being the wedding day.

6. Keep it short

Your speech should not be more than one page of a book and should not exceed five minutes. try to make your speech short as it will be more enjoyable than reading the whole chapter of a book.

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7. End with a quote

Ending with a nice quote can make your speech top-notch. you can add something like “Finding love is just finding beauty but finding everything that defines a good woman” and then after that you can tell your friend “You found the sweetest woman ever”

8. Raise your glass and propose a toast

You have the option to conclude your speech with a toast, expressing your wishes for the couple by saying, ‘May the couple enjoy boundless joy, prosperity, happiness, and good health.”

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9. Remember to be yourself

Keep in mind that your speech should come from the heart; there’s no need for formality. Just be yourself, let your true feelings shine through, and use your natural voice. This approach will make your delivery flow effortlessly as you speak.


I believe this article will be quite beneficial, and by following its guidance, your best man speech is bound to be truly impressive. Taking the time to prepare for your best man speech before the wedding helps you convey your message with confidence. Neglecting this preparation might result in an embarrassing situation in front of the audience. Take advantage of the steps outlined in this article to get ready now