List of Essential items to buy during Lockdown


List of Essential items to buy during Lockdown


The lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic in the globe has made a lot of people wonder what things apart from foods and drinks are essential since some countries are preparing to stay at home again because of the second wave of the virus spread.

This confusion is not peculiar to just final consumers alone as even store owners and businesses have had to struggle with what items to sell and produce considering the directives given by the government that only “essential items” should be sold and transported. This confusion called the attention of consumers, producers and even retailers.

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What are the Essential items?

Essential items are those things we need to stay comfortable in an environment. According to the Alabama Public health, there are about ten items tagged as essentials that should always be in a home.

Example of Essential items

First Aid box for health emergencies
Clothes: These are not limited to clothes that can be worn alone. Blankets to stay warm, socks, head warmers, etc.
Personal care items: This includes cleaning supplies, lotions, books for mental exercise and comfort, toothbrushes, garbage bags, etc.
Flashlights, useful when there is no power supply in the dark
Radio, to stay informed
A can opener for drinks and other packed items

Medications: People are advised to have a one month’s worth store of basic medications like pain killers and prescriptions in case of any current medical condition. In doing this, expiry dates must be taken into consideration.

Important documents: These are also considered essential items because one might need to leave a place of residence in search of safety in another city or country. Some of these documents include; national ID Cards, social security cards, credit cards, etc. People are also expected to have soft copies of these documents on a flash or hard drive in case of emergencies.

The BBC news reports of October 2020 records that when citizens were asked to stay at home, some people complained of not having some essential items available for purchase. This means some retailers were not completely aware of what products to put on the shelves of their shops or supermarkets.

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An example of such is the case of a lady in Wales who complained that she could not get some sanitary products for use. While fashion items like bags, shoes, clothes and clothing accessories are considered as non-essential items, it is important to help final consumers who are home to make a list of essential items.

Other stores which are not expected to be in business during the lockdown include; furniture shops, homeware products and shops, hardware stores and supplies, toys and games, electrical items, gadgets, garden and interior products.

In outlining these essential items, retailers who deal with foods, drinks, pharmaceuticals and health care products are also to take note just so they do not keep their customers in want. In a bid to make the purchase and sales of goods and services easy, different governments made a list of what they considered as essential items.

List of essential items to buy during Lockdown

Food and drink products: Apart from the final food products, retailers are expected to make disposable food products that can help preserve foods available for consumers. Some of these items include kitchen bags, foils, cups, dishes, etc.

Laundry items: Since people have to stay at home, they must eat, dress up and clean up their environments. These activities at intervals require that they make use of detergents and soaps. Retailers and consumers should also be aware of the fact that laundry items are considered essential items.

Cosmetic Products: Items in this category include things like health and beauty care products, deodorants, tissue papers and sanitary products of every kind.

Magazines and Newspapers: People need access to information and happenings in and outside their societies, and newspapers and magazines are a sure way to stay informed.

Baby items which include food, napkins, clothes, etc.
Pharmaceutical products are and have always been essential, the reason is that during the lockdown, people will no longer have access to their regular medical check-ups and consultations, the nearby pharmacist becomes their go-to and reliable health consultant.

A good pharmacy must stock up on goods and services that will meet the needs and answer every health condition to a considerable minimum.

Conclusively, stocked up essential items in a home can help us stay away from the streets, especially as staying indoors is a government directive to help us stay safe. Stay home, wash your hands and maintain a distance.


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