Quiet Quitting – Everything You Need To Know About Quiet Quitting In a Relationship


Quiet Quitting – Everything You Need To Know About Quiet Quitting In a Relationship

To understand why people quit a relationship quietly, it’s important to analyze their motives. It’s possible that they’re pulling away to steer clear of drama or because they’re no longer interested. If they feel like they’re being exploited, they need to take a break and prioritize their own self-care.

A more constructive approach would be communicating their feelings, establishing boundaries, and expressing their desires. Angela suggests that people have historically used withdrawing as a gradual way to exit a relationship.

She adds that even if they do not intend to end the relationship, withdrawing can reduce their commitment to it, which could lead to its eventual demise. Many find it easy to stay in a relationship where they don’t try anymore, or they are settling because they don’t want to be alone, says Rachel Dealto.

Do you have a partner who is physically present but emotionally distant? Are you unsure if they are waiting for a valid reason to break up with you? This guide will provide helpful tips on how to end a relationship quietly.

What IS Quiet Quitting?

“Quiet quitting” refers to ending a relationship subtly, as opposed to “ghosting”, which involves abruptly cutting off all communication. Maintaining the relationship and distancing oneself from their partner requires less effort.

This approach can leave the other person in the dark about the true feelings of their partner and can make them feel like they did something wrong. “Quiet quitting” is a term used to describe emotional or romantic disengagement and is often characterized by the minimal effort put into the relationship.

It may seem like complacency to the other person, while the partner may already be mentally done with the relationship but cannot express this to their partner.

How To Know When Your Partner Is Quit Quitting 

These recommendations will assist you in distinguishing between a relationship plateau and quiet quitting, allowing you to determine when it is appropriate to initiate a transparent and sincere conversation with your partner.

1. They Rarely Ask Questions, And They Don’t Give Answers Either

Essentially, they are unwilling to disclose any information about their daily activities. Even if they respond to your inquiries, they do so out of obligation rather than a desire to share. To them, their daily affairs are private and not subject to your search.

2. They Appear Annoying

“They will only do the minimum required in the relationship and intentionally behave in a way that they hope will have a negative impact on the other person, for instance, by being overtly annoying, forgetful of important events or distant.”

3. Lacking Quality Time  

Nowadays, it seems that you need to put in additional effort to spend time with them, and they are not bothered when something interferes with the time you had planned to spend together.

4. They Seem Far Away

There could be several reasons why your partner appears disinterested. One way to address this is by asking if they have anything bothering them and if they want to share it with you. As we’ve mentioned, people who keep quiet don’t usually open up easily.

If you notice your partner becoming distant, you may try conversing with them. There might be an underlying cause for their behaviour, which could explain their withdrawal.

Signs Your Partner Is ‘Quiet Quitting’ Your Relationship

1. They’re Not Paying Attention

At times, the signs of disinterest may be subtle, such as the person not paying attention to you when you try to engage them in conversation or when you suggest doing something together, and they repeatedly respond with indifference. This behaviour can make you feel like you’re not experiencing a sense of togetherness with them.

2. You’re Lacking Intimacy

This can be seen in different ways, such as a decline in sexual intimacy compared to what you’re accustomed to or a decrease in profound emotional discussions, previously a norm. For example, you may expect your partner to arrange a celebration after you receive a promotion at work, but they seem uninterested. This creates a sense of separation, where you’re attempting to connect with your partner, but they are finding excuses to distance themselves, according to Mahtani.

3. They Don’t Discuss The Future

This behaviour may not only be limited to avoiding important conversations like marriage or moving houses. It could also be observed in less significant matters like planning a holiday or attending a wedding in the future, where your partner may make excuses to avoid discussing these topics with you.

4.  Showing Less Interest In Any Far-Away Plans

 If you notice that your partner avoids talking about plans such as a summer trip in Europe or attending a family wedding, it could indicate that they are not considering your relationship in the long term. This behaviour may tell that they want to end the relationship but are hesitant to do so directly to avoid hurting your feelings. To test their level of interest, try bringing up future plans and see how they respond. If they show a lack of interest, it could be a significant warning sign for the future of your relationship.

5.  Skips Gists Of Happy Memories From The Past

When your partner stops mentioning the enjoyable moments you both experienced, it could be a sign that they are avoiding feeling guilty about wanting to end the relationship. They may be attempting to erase memories of their time with you. This supports her initial argument that a person who quietly withdraws from a relationship is typically aware that their behaviour is hurtful. Still, they lack the courage to be candid and transparent.

6. They Take Longer To Reply To Texts

If you and your partner used to exchange frequent texts like good morning messages, lunch plans, and flirtatious messages, and suddenly the communication becomes less frequent, it could be a sign that your partner is considering ending the relationship. However, Murphy emphasizes that this is only a warning sign if your partner used to be a person who frequently texted. If you and your partner communicate more in person rather than through texts, there may be no need to worry if they haven’t checked in for a few hours.

7. They Don’t Give a Listening Ear To What You Say

“if your partner is no longer interested in your life during face-to-face conversations, it could be a warning sign. For instance, if your partner appears uninterested or distracted when you talk about your work or other issues, it could be because they are preoccupied with their own worries and concerns, including the possibility of ending the relationship.

8.  Arguing More, Especially About Unnecessary Things 

According to Murphy, it’s important to understand that conflict is a natural part of a healthy relationship. However, find yourself constantly arguing with your partner. It may be a sign that they have already decided to end things with you but are hesitant to tell you directly to avoid hurting your feelings. Instead, they may lash out at insignificant and trivial matters to express frustration.


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