SYMPTOMS OF HIV -Causes of HIV, Ways of transmission, and diagnosis of HIV


SYMPTOMS OF HIV -Causes of HIV, Ways of transmission, and diagnosis of HIV

HIV is a viral disease that affects the immune system. when untreated HIV could damage the CD4 cells, this type of cell found in the immune system is called the T cells.
Over time this virus kills More of the T cells making the body system weak and prone to Cancer.


HIV can be transmitted into the body through fluids found in the body;
• Through Transfusion of blood
• Through Vaginal fluids(during sex)
• Through Breast milk(breasts feeding a baby with an infected mother’s breast)
• Through Semen
• By Reusing unsterilized equipment (syringes, needles, scissors, etc)of an infected person on another.
• Transfer from an infected mother to the baby during childbirth

NOTE; HIV can not be transmitted through;
• Handshaking
• Kissing
• Insects bite
• Saliva
• Eating together with an infected person
• Through air
• Natural water or normal contact with an infected person.

Because HIV is found in the DNA of blood cells, it takes a lifetime and can’t be treated presently because no drug has been produced to remove it from the body, it’s still a work under process by scientists.
With proper medical attention and antiretroviral therapy, HIV can be controlled, managed, and lived with.

When HIV is not treated it results in a deadly condition known as Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome primarily known as AIDS. At this time the body system becomes very weak to fight or withstand other diseases, infections, and body conditions.

If not well taken care of, an individual with the syndrome could live for only about 3 years. Whereas If Cared for with antiretroviral therapy, life duration could be the same as one without the virus.
In America, it is shown that More than 1.7 of its citizens live with this virus even without their knowledge of it.

This virus causes lots of changes in the body.
Important to note is that a person infected by the virus if being treated and without having any persistently visible viral load, cannot transfer the virus to another person.


HIV is a virus known to be transmitted from African chimpanzees.
Scientists noted that the virus was transferred to the human race when humans ate the meat of chimpanzees having the virus.

While in humans this virus was now called HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)
This happened way back in the 1920s.
Over the years HIV began spreading from person to person, thus spreading to other parts of the world.
Research has shown that HIV has been in America since 1970 but became wildly known to people in the early 1980’s.


Different tests can be done to diagnose HIV depending on the person involved.
Antigen and antibodies are the most wildly used test, which brings results within 18_45days if contracting HIV.
This method of testing HIV mainly reviews the body’s antibodies and antigens.

Anybody is a protein that the body produces to fight infections in the body.
An antigen helps to Make the immune system active.
Most of the tests can be done with the blood of the individual involved or through mouth swabs. this test can be done in any medical clinic.

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