What is Palm oil doing to me? —the untold effect of Palm oil on humans


What is Palm oil doing to me? —the untold effect of Palm oil on humans

Palm oil popularly known by Nigerians as Red oil is one of the many essential cooking ingredients used for meals, both at a local and international level.

The highly rich carotene packs a lot of health benefits, both while ingested or used for primary production of confectioneries and locally made detergents. comes with a major disadvantage, one not popularly advertised.

Aside from the spike in cholesterol levels and its relative incursion of atherosclerosis ( major heart disease) the seemingly rumoured question of if palm oil is a root cause of cancer over the cause of scientifical studies has been proven positive.

Yes, palm oil increases the risk of cancer.

the case of palm oil causing cancer has been staged for decades and has only been proven following a series of research carried out by the European food safety authority. When exposed to high temperatures palm oil becomes a human toxin. Reheating it would cause it to lose essential containments.

So far as the European Food Safety Agency is concerned, the risk of palm oil unloading the human system as a cancerous explosion is only heightened by the copious processes in food production.

When processed, it produces a fatty acid called glycidyl. This acid becomes harmful or rather a foothold for cancer when broken down by the human digestive system. At that stage of becomes Gycidol; infamously toxic to animals and humans as well.

Regardless of the effects surrounding the use of palm oil. One can still make use of it without incurring its extreme effect.

For starters, minimize excessive abuse of it:

Using it in moderation and canning the excessive use of Palm oil would put you at arm’s length from doubling down with its cancerous feedback. How so?

Your intake of foods spiked with it, the likes of, Noodles, margarine, etc. should be examined and consumed on average.

Avoid excessive reheating:

As earlier stated, reheating palm oil would leave it susceptive to high temperatures. Avoid doing so in order to minimize its cancerous effects, as a large emphasis has been laid on this by food scientists.


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