5 Things That Men Should Avoid During an Argument With Their Partner


Things That Men Should Avoid During an Argument With Their Partner

Arguments are good for a healthy relationship because they allow expressing thoughts and opinions, but not when they result in conflict between the partners involved.

This conflict might lead someone to say something that may hurt the feelings of their partners unknowingly. These hurtful words are what men should avoid in an argument with their partner so as not to end up hurting them unintentionally.

Out of anger, you might make extreme statements like “you never”, “you always,” and so on, which may remind her of the past, exaggerate the situation, and spark defensiveness, which can be dangerous in a relationship.

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Below are the most important things that men should always avoid while arguing with anyone, including friends, partners or loved ones.

1. Avoid Extreme Statements

Avoid extreme statements like “You never”, “You always”, and so on because these statements can exaggerate the situation and provoke aggressiveness and defensiveness.

Rather, you can show your feelings without generalizing them.

2. Take responsibility for your actions and avoid the game of blames

Sometimes, you blame the other partner to avoid guilt and make them feel it was their fault.

This is not the best way to handle some issues. Instead, taking responsibility for your actions, whether the fault is yours or not, and giving reasons for what made you do what you did can help your partner see more reasons why you can’t be guilty of the offence. Both of you can reach a consensus on how to settle it amicably.

Always playing a game of blame can create an atmosphere of resentment and bitterness.

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3. Avoid Comparison

As Aman, you must avoid comparing your partner with other people, whether in your past relationship or a friend. This action can create resentment in your partner’s heart, especially towards you.

The Comparison makes your partner feel like they’ve never done enough and are never appreciated, making them dissatisfied even with their lives.

4. Avoid the use of Insultive words

These actions weaken emotions, hurt them, and create resentment in your partner’s heart. Using insulting words and calling them names can make them resent your attitude.

Using insulting words in an argument can weaken a relationship; this is one of the things that men should avoid during an argument with their partner.

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5. Do not Dismiss or Minimize your partner’s Feeling

Do not dismiss or overlook your partner’s feelings, not minding the situation. Dismissing their emotion with the mindset that they are making a big deal out of the argument. At the same time, you know that if you could calmly clarify issues with her, everyone would be happy.

But dismissing their emotions is only pushing your relationship to its weakest point.


Heated arguments between partners can either strengthen the bond or separate them, but it all depends on the words we use toward our partners. These words may dampen their emotions, hurt their feelings, and threaten their emotional security.

That is why men should be mindful of what they say during an argument. Things men should avoid saying to their partners during an argument may be disrespectful and detrimental to the growth and well-being of the relationship.

The hurtful statements and expressions are listed above; every partner should avoid saying them. Also, do your best to avoid getting angry during an argument because that is one factor that may influence what you would say to someone beside you.


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