Ways to Avoid Valentine’s Day Billing as a Man: 7+ Tactics to Implement


Ways to Avoid Valentine’s Day Billing as a Man

Just as Valentine’s Day is drawing nearer and as a man, you wish to show your partner that you love her by expressing your love in the little way you can, but you wish to do this while avoiding Valentine’s Day billing.

You can implement many tactics to avoid Valentine’s Day billing, which will help you reduce the frequent beeps on your phone due to the debit alerts.

You can use these tactics to make her understand that you do not have money, and then you can plan out easier or less costly ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day without spending a lot.

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Read on to find tips to help you escape Valentine’s Day billing.

How to Avoid Valentine’s Day Billing as a Man

Suppose you dread the financial strain associated with February 14, which you have always experienced in the past years and would not wish to experience this year. Here are the tactics you can implement to escape the billings and simultaneously restrain from hurting your relationship.

Avoid Social Media

If you are not living in the same place as your partner, then know you’re lucky. But this luck is short-lived because of the presence of social media platforms, which is another medium of reaching out to you on that day.

You can avoid Valentine’s Day billing by reducing your presence on these platforms. Your partner might be sending hints about what they want, how others celebrate theirs, and how they want theirs to look.

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Fake Bank issues

This is another method you can use to reduce Valentine’s Day billings, and that is by faking bank issues. You can do that by complaining that you could not access your funds in the bank, or you can look for any other bank issue that will appear genuine when you present it to her.

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Fake Broke

Another tactic you can implement is to fake broke, pretend that you have financial constraints and cannot afford to spend extravagantly on gifts and outings. You can make up a list of other bills that need to be attended to which are more important. This can help reduce the financial pressure.

Stay Sullen

This is another sure way to make your partner forget about extravagant spending on Valentine’s Day. You can fake a sullen mood a few days before D-day, especially when Valentine’s is mentioned. This can make your partner forget about making extravagant billings and pay more attention to getting you back in the right mood.

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Plan budget-friendly Date

You can discuss with your partner and plan a budget- or cost-friendly date. This can make you both enjoy a lovely date without spending much.

Focus on Spending Quality time.

This is another way to reduce or avoid the Valentine’s Day Billings. As a man, you can focus on creating and spending quality time with your partner and plan a low-budget date with her. Search for little ways you can show her love without spending extravagantly.

You must not spend a lot on gifts before she can be happy; the meaningful conversation and the memorable and quality time you share with her can create long-lasting memories, and you can achieve that with little finances.

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Special Act of Service

You can start showing special acts of service which you do not frequently do for her; you can prepare and deliver breakfast to her on the bed, prepare her favourite meals, help her put in household chores without being asked for assistance, send her lovely text messages, surprising them with massages.

Most ladies prefer the pure act of service to material things, so you can make them forget about money or Valentine’s gifts by getting them excited with these acts of service that can create a memorable Valentine’s Day experience.

Another method is always Nagging or complaining, which can hurt her emotions or the relationship.

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