How to Colour your Hair at Home


How to Colour your Hair at Home


If you’re adventurous like me and like to try new stuff, especially with hairs and looks, this post is for you. Pop culture has come with a lot of creativity even in fashion, that is why people do not mind changing the colours of their hairs.

Sometimes, people do not wear just one colour of hair, they go as far as using a mix or blend of different bright and stylish colours to give them the desired look. Colouring of hairs can be fun and do not need to be done in a saloon, as it can be done by self at home.

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Colouring your hair

Colouring your hair at home can be fun and easy, especially when you know exactly what parts of the hair you need to change. Sometimes, people prefer to change only just a part of their hairs while other times, people choose to wear an entirely different colour or a blend of colours on their entire hair.

Why people Colour their hairs

People colour their hairs for so many reasons. Sometimes for a fashion show or event, other times, to wear a different look. It is also said that when a lady decides to change the colour of her hair, it is usually because she is trying to heal or recover from a heartbreak and is looking to start life over again. This might just be another unpopular myth.

According to a hairstylist resident in Georgia, the use of traditional hair dyes can be harmful to the hair since they contain toxic chemicals such as ammonia. However, there are different natural things to use that can give a colour effect when used. Some of these things are natural food items or products and plants that can be found in vegetable and fruit shops.

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Some of these things include; Henna, beet juice, etc. Using any of these is actually an alternative way of changing your hair colour at home. Colouring of hairs can also be done by using just a hair colour spray. This is certainly the easiest way to go about hair colouring at home or even anywhere.

List of items to use in changing your hair colour

If you ever decide to colour your hair for reasons best known to you, there are certain items you would be needing. You do not necessarily need to have all the tools and equipment used in a hair salon to colour your hair at home. All you need are a few items that you can always find in your home.

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Some of these items are;

  1. A hairbrush or comb: A hairbrush or comb specifically set aside for a hair dye is important. This comb or brush will be used only when you need to apply or have applied the dye on your hair.
  2. Your hair colour: The dye or hair colour is the most important item on this list. With this, you can definitely get the colour of hair you desire. You want to be sure to pick a hair colour that best suits your skin tone. Your skin colour is an important guide to picking a colour to dye your hair.
  3. Plastic gloves: The plastic gloves are equally important. You do not want to have your hands and hair wearing matching colours of black, wine, blonde, name it. The gloves are a sure way to protect your hands from picking up the hair colour.
  4. Hair conditioner: A good hair conditioner will do justice to your hair after you have washed off the hair colour. Its a must on your list.
  5. Petroleum Jelly: A petroleum jelly should be applied to your hairline and edges. Doing this will keep your skin from taking the colour of the dye you choose to use. You definitely do not want to wear a red face with your hair.

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How to Colour Your Hair at Home

This is quite an interesting and easy thing to do. Follow these DIY steps and you are sure to rock your colour just the way you like it.

  1. The first thing to do is prep your hair. You should keep your hair dry. Try the hair dye on one or a few strands of hair. If you have a short hair on, you can also use just a little part of your hair to try the dye on.
  2. Apply the petroleum Jelly: As pointed out earlier, the jelly protects your edges.
  3. Apply the dye or colour: In doing this, you want to be sure you are applying the colour in just the right places. Especially if you do not want to use it all over the hair. However, you want to be sure to use the hands of a professional if you have to do multiple colours, in order to wear a perfect look and blend of colours.
  4. Apply heat: The application of heat on a dyed hair can help in the penetration of the dye. Heat tends to give even better results. Any hand dryer at home can do a perfect job. When applying heat, focus on the roots of the hair, except you do not want the colours to get to the root of the hair. If you do not have a hand dryer at home, you can leave the dye on the hair for an hour or two. This means you’re going to be home while doing this.
  5. Wash off and Condition: After applying heat and the hair is dry, then you can wash off the dye on the hair. rinse off carefully and apply conditioner for best results.
  6. Rock it: By this time, your hair colour is exactly what you want. Be sure to wear it with so much confidence and give your hair the best styles that suit your look.

In conclusion, a DIY hair colouring is quite easy when you know the colours that best suit you and with the help of a mirror right in front of you. If you’re like me and certainly do not like to spend hours in a hair salon just to look good when you can time yourself while getting your hair done, this easy guide can help you get just what you want.

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