Mobile App Security: 13 Tips on How to perfectly Secure your mobile app from Hackers and Virus Attacks


How to Secure Your Mobile App From Hacker and Virus attack

Mobile app security is one of the essential requirements for the creation and use of any app. Since your mobile application is one of the easiest ways to reach out to your business partners, and customers and familiarly meet with new clients.

The mobile apps we use for our businesses are no longer secured because hackers are now employing all possible means to have access to our mobile devices not to talk of virus attacks.

Hackers and viruses have more access to your mobile apps with the increase in the creation of mobile apps in which they are among the developers.

Four Ways to Improve Your Mobile Application Security

By carefully paying heed to the tips on how to secure your mobile app from hackers and virus attacks, hackers would find it a difficult task to have access to your app not minding the methods that they use or implement.

Secure your Mobile Application Using these Mobile app Security Tips

Here are the best tips to perfectly secure your mobile app from hackers and virus attacks.

1) Strictly Manage your App Permission

Effectively managing app permission is essential to regulate what can gain access to your app and what program can use the app. To prevent viruses from attacking your application, make sure that you strictly manage your app permission.

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Do not allow programs that you are not sure of their level of security or how legitimate it is to have access to your app, because hackers use fake and illegal programs to have access and destroy your data.

2) Use Passwords that can’t be guessed

When securing your phone with app locks, ensure that the password you use to secure the app cannot be easily guessed. Do not use passwords like, your date of birth, phone number, name and any other number or alphabet that can be accessed easily.

3) Download apps From Trusted Platforms

When you are downloading apps, try obtaining them from trusted app stores and platforms such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For better app security, avoid obtaining apps from unverified app store platforms that are not reputable.

4) Stay updated about any changes in the data handling policy

App developers are constantly updating their app handling policy so you need to stay up to date on the app data handling policy so that you won’t unknowingly fall victim to hackers and other cyber attacks.

5) Pay deaf ears to social media Engineering tricks and tactics

Hackers have devised a new means of gaining access to your apps and that is by using social media engineering tricks and tactics, they may present a business proposal or come to you through other social media means which may look good thereby enticing you to share private information concerning your application and its usage.

6) Be Informed and update your Knowledge of Digital Security and security threats

Sometimes the app you are using may be having a security threat but because you are not updating your knowledge on digital security and how to be secured, you may end up becoming a victim of hackers and virus attacks.

Strengthen your Mobile App Security
Strengthen your Mobile App Security

So be informed on trending security threats and how to safely use your app without falling victim to them.

7) Keep your Apps Updated

From time to time, app developers update their applications by adding new and advanced features that will create a better experience for their users. So as an app user, you need to keep your app up to date for better app security and the security of your mobile device at large.


This strengthens the app’s security and addresses any security loophole and vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

8) Activate the alert system in the app

The alert system in the app gives you signals about any cyber attack on your app and also about any app updates which should be done to further secure your app firmly.

9) App Wrapping

This term refers to the separation of a particular app from the rest of the apps to a separate and secure environment in a device. Developers using MBW have access to this option, allowing you to separate your app even without any required coding.

10) Hire a Professional for Mobile app security Check before launching

This is one of the tricks that app developers use for their apps, they hire a professional hacker or cyber security personnel to find out the security threats that the app may face when it is launched.

11) Be cautious with links

Apply caution when clicking on links that you are not sure of mostly those you got through email and SMS. Hackers are deceiving users into revealing their secret information through such links so you have to be careful with them.


12) Use a Secured User Authentication

The use of two or more passwords to lock your app is not enough to secure it from hackers and viruses, the use and implementation of a 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) or MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) is also required for having a strong and secured app.

13) Secure APIs

For the integration of a third party, communication and exchange of data with one another, APIs are needed. And since it is a tool that is effectively used in the mobile world, there is a need for it to be secured whether in transit or at rest and also make sure that you validate who is using the service for better app security.


With the increasing growth and creation of mobile apps, there is a need for the implementation of strong mobile app security to prevent hackers from gaining control over it and also prevent virus attacks.

Hackers are seriously seeking an opportunity for them to gain control over apps and they are implementing various strategies to make sure that they achieve that aim. It may include using social media tricks, guessing your password, deceiving you through referral links and many other strategies.

For app developers who are seeking to create that is resistant to hackers and viruses, you have to test your app for any available means of penetration by hackers, vulnerability to virus attacks, and any other security threat that may be faced by the app.

For users, make sure you secure the app with strong codes and passwords, stay updated on information concerning the app and also make sure you update the app when due above all, download apps only from a secured app downloading platform for a virus-free app.

With other tips that I mentioned in the list above, you will have and enjoy a better experience with hacker and virus-free mobile applications. Make your app security a priority.

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