20 Most Dangerous dog breeds That are very Aggressive and Destructive


Dangerous dog breeds That are very aggressive

Dogs are one of the friendly animals kept as pets by man. Because of its nature, it is also used for other purposes such as security, as a bloodhound, for war and many other purposes, making the dog dangerous and aggressive.

Some breeds of dogs were not dangerous but due to their background, how they were trained, and the maltreatment that was given to them, they grew aggressive and dangerous sometimes even to the owner.

Some dogs are aggressive because they were not socialized at an early age while some are aggressive due to the way they are threatened or scared by those around them and many other reasons why some dogs are always ready for attack.

But there are some other breeds of dogs which have an aggressive and dangerous nature, exhibiting high temperament that makes them dangerous and ready to cause havoc by attacking anyone.

With a growing statistic of about 4 million people having issues with dog bites every year, it is high time we enlighten you more about these dangerous dog breeds that are very aggressive so that you can play safe with them or know the best way to avoid crossing their paths or provoking them.

Keep reading to find out the most dangerous dog breeds that are known to be very aggressive.

The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds that are very Aggressive

Here is a list of the most dangerous breeds of dogs that are known for their aggressiveness which is caused by a factor of their history of aggressiveness.

1) The American Pitbulls

Exploring Various Types Of Pitbulls: Beyond The Stereotypes

The American Pitbulls a dog that has a lovable appearance is one of the most feared dog breeds in the world because of its aggressive nature. Mostly used for hunting and war, it has been reported to cause 2/3 of the fatal dog bites in the United States.

It is a dog that has very strong jaws, a large body size and other strong features that make it an impossible task for them to be defeated in a fight and it is one of the most feared species of dog.

2) Rottweiler

Group of dogs Chihuahua, Doberman, Rottweiler 837855 Stock Photo at Vecteezy

Rottweilers are very powerful and well-behaved dogs if they are properly trained and socialised, which means that most of their aggressive behaviours are due to abuse, neglect, and lack of early socialisation and training. It has a large, strong body size which makes people keep their distance for their safety.

and it can also serve as a pet when properly trained.

3) American Bulldog

American Bulldog: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

This is a breed of dog that was originally trained to protect their owner’s property, fight against wild boar, kill vermin and also used for working on the farm. Although it is a dog that has a pleasant and friendly appearance, it also has a trait of stubbornness coupled with extreme self-confidence.

The American Bulldog a dog that is muscular and has a large body size, is always protective, and strong and needs proper socialisation.

4) German Shepherd

Your Guide to the German Shepherd Lifespan and Temperament | ElleVet  Sciences

This is a dog breed that first-time dog owners would not wish to mess around with, it is loyal and protective even unto death and is also known as the best police dog because of its extraordinary features such as intelligence, alertness, fearlessness, and confidence.

It does not like inactivity which means it can make your home messy when left at home all day. Very protective and dangerous when not trained properly.

5) The Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier - Wikipedia

The Bull Terrier is a strong dog breed with a large egg-shaped head and is not very aggressive but very dangerous towards other smaller animals because of its high prey drive.

6) Doberman pinscher

Doberman pinscher
Doberman pinscher

Known as fierce guards and protectors, this dog breed is of great muscular strength and with a powerful protective instinct that makes them hostile to strangers but affectionate and loyal to their owners. For your safety, be cautious when approaching an unfamiliar Doberman Pinscher.

7) The Wolfdog (Wolf hibrid)

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog | Breed Info & Advice | zooplus Magazine

According to the name, Wolfdog is a very dangerous dog with a high prey drive and is capable of attacking adults, children and other animals when in a bad mood. Needs regular exercise and a well-experienced owner with a strong personality to reduce its aggressiveness.

8) Gull Dong

Pakistani Bull Dog Breed Information and Pictures

As a crossbreed between Gull Terrier and Bully Kutta, it is mostly used as a fighting dog and is not easy to control, you can see the reason for putting it on the list of dangerous dog breeds that are very aggressive.

9) Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff Dog Breed Information & Characteristics

Very muscular, loyal and strong dog breed that is a combination of an English mastiff and a bulldog always trained to protect estates. It is a very protective guard dog which is very dangerous too if not properly trained and socialized at an early age.

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10) Siberian Huskies

What My Siberian Husky Taught Me About Audience Engagement | Inc.com

This dog breed that resemblance a wolf is known for behaviours which include

  • High level of energy which makes it easy for them to escape from places that are not properly fenced
  • Exhibit a high prey drive
  • Very difficult to train due to its stubbornness

11) The Boxer

Boxer German Shepherd Mix Facts

This is a playful dog breed with a strong, powerful jaw, friendly with kids especially those from their owner’s family and also having a great distrust for strangers.

Filled with lots of energy and muscles, boxers can have a less aggressive history when properly trained from a very tender age.

12) Cane Corso

Cane Corso
Cane Corso

This is a very strong and scary dog that is a descendant of Canis Pugnax and was mostly used for warfare by the Romans.

It is a mean-looking good friend of hunters and a good companion to the policemen and if you wish to have it around your kids, then give it much training when still in the puppy stage.

13) Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed Information

This is a dog breed that always gets bored, disobedient and destructive when not allowed to have much exercise and independence yet it is not a trusted watchdog.

The Alaskan Malamute (related to the Huskie) is a beautiful dog but a slow learner which should never be adopted at an adult stage for your safety.

14) Caucasian Ovcharka

Difference Between Caucasian Shepherd and Caucasian Ovcharka | Facts,  Features, Characteristics, Behavior

Also known as the Caucasian shepherd, the Caucasian dog breed is a strong-willed and courageous dog breed trained to protect livestock, it can be ferocious and dangerous if not properly trained.

15) The Great Dane

The Great Dane: A Comprehensive Guide to the Apollo of Dogs - PetHelpful

Capable of hunting wild animals such as Boar and Deer, it holds a record as the tallest dog breed. Other names are German Mastiff and Danish Hound.

16) Chow Chow

Chow-Chow - Fun Facts and Crate Size – Pet Crates Direct

Mostly used as pets in the home and considered a lazy dog breed, the chow chow is one of the most dangerous dog breeds that gets easily irritated, is not used to strangers and is very aggressive if not properly trained and socialized at an early age.

17) Akita

Akita Dog Breed Information

This dog breed is of two types, the Akita Inu (with Japanese origin) and the Akita (with American origin). It is very strong, independent, affectionate with families, trying to dominate and very suspicious and unfriendly to strangers. They have a great love for kids.

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18) Perro de Presa Canario

Presa canario - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Perro de Presa Canario (name gotten from Canario island) is a mastiff dog trained as a guard dog with a great love for swimming, very intelligent, calm and confident, and always suspicious of strangers.

These dog with a high prey drive and is also extremely territorial needs much exercise and early socialization to reduce their aggressiveness. Not advisable to be owned by inexperienced or adoptive dog owners for their safety.

19) Japanese Tosa

The Japanese Tosa Dog Breed and Why They Are Banned - PetHelpful

This is another dog breed that was bred in Japan as fighting dogs, very dangerous and aggressive to keep and can even bite their owners which is why it is restricted in some countries like Dublin and Hong Kong.

You can understand better that this Japanese Tosa, also popularly known as Tosa Inu is not a family pet.

20) Saint Bernard

St. Bernard (dog) - Wikipedia

With a very passive temperament, Saint Bernard is a dog breed that is not easy to train. Originating from the Swiss and Italian Alps they were trained as rescue dogs and made a great match for rescue missions which they carried out successfully.

For you to have a less aggressive and dangerous dog breed in your home then catch and train them from a very young and tender age.

Causes of Aggressiveness in Dogs

Here are some causes of the aggressive behaviours that these dogs are known for

Genetic factors

Some dogs inherit their aggressive characteristics from their parents, research has proven that the most aggressive traits that dogs exhibit which make them dangerous are hereditary and not actually as a result of their training.

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Snake in the House; 7 Signs You Might Have Snakes In The House Unknowingly

Lack of Activities and Socialization

Also, lack or inadequate exposure to activities and socialization at an early age can make dogs dangerous and aggressive. Insufficient interaction between dog owners and the dog can make the dog bored and also hinder the growth and development of the dog’s social skills.


Human Aggressiveness

Dogs that are exposed to abuse, neglect, mistreatment, fear and wicked punishment given to them by their owners always grow to be very aggressive and dangerous to people around them.

These dogs that are in my list of 20 most dangerous dog breeds that are very aggressive are a combination of hunting dogs, security dogs, dogs used for warfare/rescue missions and even dogs that have a high prey drive.

Not minding how aggressive these dogs can be, there are things that you will do to reduce their aggressiveness and make them less dangerous such as giving them adequate training from a tender age, having a good social relationship with them and also introducing them to activities that will make their strength and energy to be more useful and must do all this at a tender age so that they can get used to them.

My advice to dog owners who wish to own one of these dogs is that they should never nurse the idea of adopting them at their adult stage in life for their safety and the safety of those around them.

These 20 most dangerous dogs that are aggressive can also be lovely when cared for and catered for, so as a dog owner, do not be the cause of their aggression because they can be very destructive.

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