How to make New Year resolution 2023


How to make New Year resolution 2023


Making a new year resolution towards 2023 is always a trend at the end of every year and not just for the preceding year 2022 alone. People evaluate themselves, their actions, achievements, failures, relationships, growths, etc. to make their new year’s resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions are a way of telling or reminding ourselves that we either have bad habits or not so good relationships we need to do away with if we want to get better at all. Making New Year’s resolutions can be a little tasking if we do not take stock of our habits, actions and decisions in the passing year.

If we have to make New Year resolutions, we have to be sure that we are ready to make the sacrifices, stay disciplined and put in the hard work to be better at whatever we choose to work on.

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What is a New Year resolution?

New Year’s resolutions are set of new habits or lifestyle people set aside, hoping to live by within the space of a year, especially a new year or the rest of their lives. People always set these resolutions as a result of past habits and lifestyles.

There are so many factors that inspire a person’s New Year’s resolutions. It could be because they are now part of a new family or they want to be better for their spouse or kids, it could also be a money habit. A drunk somewhere in Europe once had a wife who was pregnant, she had always complained about his drinking habits but would not listen.

The day his wife finally gave birth to a baby boy, he decided that was the end of his drinking because he knew someone would look up to him as a father and he needed to be the best father he knew. People also make New Year’s resolutions because they want to achieve a certain goal, maybe lose some pounds, and therefore choose to work out every morning in the coming New Year.

Sometimes, depending on who is involved, some people make New Year’s resolutions just because everyone around them seems to be doing so. They forget to pay attention or even ask why people come up with creative New Year’s resolutions.

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The reason behind a New Year’s resolution goes as far, being the reason people stay motivated despite the pain to work towards their goals and live by them. Other times, since there are no motivations behind the resolutions, the owner of these resolution gets tired and gives up.

How to make New Year resolution 2021

There is no one way to come up with a New Year’s resolution. The fact that there is a reason to want to live a better lifestyle and make better choices alone tells you exactly how to make your New Year’s resolutions. However, if making a New Year’s resolution is always a problem, these are a few tips to consider in order to make your resolutions easy to achieve or live by.

Reflect on your habits: Whether good or bad, habits are a person’s way of life. They sum up the decisions we make, the company we keep and the things we do. If we look at our way of doing things and conclude that a certain lifestyle is not a productive one, then it is high time we considered changing it.

Good or Bad: After critically examining all your habits and deciding which is bad or good, we can resolve which habits to keep up with or what habits to do away with. Sometimes, a bad habit can threaten a good relationship. If a partner or a friend keeps complaining about a lifestyle and you know how profitable that relationship is, you may want to consider changing the bad habit.

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Asking opinions: A good way to come up with New Year’s resolutions if you must is by asking the opinions of loved ones who have studied you closely and know you so well. Asking them what it is they think you should improve on or completely do away with. Because, sometimes, we do things and have no idea it’s in our habit to do so.

Goals, fails and wins: A most amazing way of coming up with cool New Year’s resolutions is by doing a check on all we have achieved or seemed to have failed at within the course of a passing year. When we get to look at the things we succeed, we can apply the same strategies that led to our past wins. That way we will avoid mistakes, know where to apply more energy or even spend more time on.

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Strengths and Weaknesses: Lastly, our strengths and weaknesses tell us what to do and how to go about it. When we know our strengths and weaknesses, we will be able to decipher what habits to throw away, what companies to keep and what choices to make. Most importantly, the things we must consciously infuse efforts and discipline to accomplish.

Making a New Year’s resolution is even more fun when we know exactly what we hope to achieve and what we do not want to even find ourselves doing.

A beautiful way of eventually sticking to your New Year’s resolution is by having an accountability partner. One who can always check on you to see or know where you are getting it wrong or making progress. The New Year 2021, will definitely be a great win if we stick our heads up and in the game. Cheers to the New Year.

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