The Role Of Parents Teachers Association (PTA) In Schools

What does PTA mean?

PTA is an acronym for Parents Teachers Association and is otherwise regarded as a Parents Teachers Organization.

This non-profit organization or group usually consists of parents, teachers and other vital members in the community or society who share the interest in providing or enhancing the children’s educational opportunities in the community, residential area or society.

Additionally, the Parents Teachers Association can be depicted or defined as a non-denominational and non-profit organization which comprises parents, teachers as well as other administrative members of staff in the school, the legal guardians of children in the school and other notable members in the society whose main goal is to work with the school to promote or enhance the educational success, prospects and well-being of the children in the school.

Regardless of the fact that there are state and federal organizations in the country or state, the Parents Teachers Association operates at the local school level. Thus, the Local PTA chapters are led by elected leaders who work together to plan and implement activities or initiatives for the benefit or sake of the school community.

Examples of such activities or initiatives include; community service, educational initiatives, social gatherings, fundraising, etc. In other words, the PTA often serves as a link between parents and school administrators, assisting in the dissemination of critical information about school policies, events and academic programs.

Similarly, the PTA may also advocate for policies promoting the children’s well-being and educational quality. The organization typically relies on factors such as membership dues, donations, sponsorship, fundraising events, etc, to stay in operation.

Why was the PTA formed?

The Parents Teachers Association was formed to heighten and encourage parent and teacher collaboration and involvement in children’s educational system in a community or locality.

Thus, the primary aim of the organization, as fore mentioned in the previous section of the article, is to promote communication between parents, teachers and other notable members of the society to create a sustainable, positive and nurturing environment which benefits the well-being and education of all children in that particular society or community.

The parent-teacher association advocates for child-friendly educational environments and policies in the contemporary global system. Similarly, the association is known for sponsoring extracurricular and fun activities for parents and children in the community. Similarly, the association also encourages parental involvement in their children’s education.

What are the objectives of the Parent Teachers Association?

The core objectives of the stipulated association or organization include the following;

  • To provide a platform for parents, guardians, sponsors and teachers of students of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary educational institutions to meet, exchange views, deeply analyze issues, make recommendations, take and effectively pursue implementation of decisions on matters affecting education in a designated state or country, with the appropriate agencies.
  • To work with the necessary State, Federal and Local bodies or ministries to achieve high academic performance, discipline, morality, service and integrity in the schools in a particular locality or vicinity.
  • To promote mutual understanding, harmonious relationships, and cooperation among parents, guardians, sponsors, and teachers to achieve common goals.
  • To foster sympathetic, healthy and friendly government policies on educational activities and programs for children in diverse schools.
  • To maintain an appropriate, consistent, and high level of discipline in both the home and the classroom.
  • To contribute financially and via other sustainable means to provide the extras needed to achieve the educational goals or objectives of the designated school.
  • To aid in contributing to the appropriate physical, moral, social and mental growth of the children in a society so that they can become valuable and law-abiding members.

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Who are the Officers in a Parents Teachers Association?

The officers in a Parents Teachers Association tend to vary depending on the state and the community in which the association is situated. In Nigeria, a typical parent’s teachers association may be divided into two parts, namely, the Executive and the General Assembly.

  • The Executive Council

    The Executive Council of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) typically consists of a stipulated number of officials as specified in the organisation’s bylaws.

    The council meets once a year and is deemed responsible for specific objectives such as; establishing the goals and objectives of the organization, creating and approving the financial transactions, reports and budget of the organization, deciding the organisation’s fundraising initiatives, etc. The core members of this council include;

  • The Chairman

    This is usually the parent of a student in the school. The association’s Chairman serves as the association’s leader and presides over the organisation’s meetings.

  • The Vice-Chairman

    This is also a parent of a student in the school. The organisation’s vice Chairman fills in for the organisation’s chairman when he/she is absent. Additionally, the vice chairman can be placed in charge of planning or organizing certain activities or initiatives for the association, such as fundraising, sponsorship programs, etc.

  • Secretary

    This is usually a teaching staff in the school. The organisation’s secretary is tasked with managing the organisation’s correspondence, managing its official documents and keeping minutes of the association’s meetings.

  • Assistant SecretaryThe assistant secretary of the parent-teacher association is usually a student’s parent in the school. The assistant secretary is responsible for aiding the secretary in his/her activities and filling in when the secretary is absent.
  • Treasurer

    The treasurer is usually a parent of a student in the school. As its name implies, the treasurer is tasked with the organisation’s responsibility, maintains its financial records and submits the organisation’s monthly monetary reports to the other committee members.

    The general committee, on the other hand, as its name implies, consists of other association members, excluding the fore mentioned members. The general committee members meet seasonally, or as the need arises, to discuss school matters.

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What is the role of the Parents Teachers Association?

Depending on the demands and objectives of both the school and the association, the roles or functions of the Parents-Teachers Association may vary. Nonetheless, the following are some general functions or roles of the association:

  • Supporting the Educational Activities of the Students in the School

    A Parent Teacher Association plays an important role in supporting the educational activities of the students at the school (PTA). The PTA can assist students in various ways to improve their learning experience.

    Examples of how the PTA does this includes; organizing school activities, supporting classroom activities, providing learning resources for the school, etc.

  • Advocating for the Children

    One of the core reasons the Parent Teachers Association was created was to promote and protect the children’s best interests within the school.

    Thus, the association ensures that this particular role is carried out in diverse ways, such as; voicing out concerns about the state and policies in the school, promoting parental involvement, supporting students with special needs, etc.

  • Supporting the school staff in their endeavours

    Supporting the members or staff of the school is also an important role which is indulged in by the members of the parents’ teachers association.

    Examples of how this can be done include; volunteering, advocating for professional development and more teacher resources, etc.

  • Advocating for proper educational policies for the school

    The members of the Parents Teachers Association are also tasked with advocating for proper educational facilities to benefit the students in the school.

    This can be done by researching current educational policies that will benefit their children’s learning mechanisms, identifying the key issues crippling their children’s educational behaviours and learning methods, etc.

  • Fostering communication between parents and teachers

    One of the core roles of the parent’s teachers association is to ensure effective communication between the parents and the teachers in a particular school.

    In this context, effective communication ensures that both the parents and the teachers are working and planning together to ensure that the education and well-being of the children in the school are prioritized.

  • Providing educational resources for the school

    Providing educational materials that will enhance or aid the students’ learning is also a core role or responsibility of the parent’s teachers association. In this context, educational resources can aid in providing resources for teachers and enhancing the overall learning experience of the students in the school.

    Instances of how these materials can be provided for the students in the school include; fundraising, donations, grants, book fares, workshops, sponsorships, etc.


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