Valentine Gift Ideas for Him or Her – No.6 will do the magic

Valentine Gift Ideas for Him or Her


Valentine is here and it seems to be upon us even earlier than we imagined. Business owners and marketers won’t stop putting their products in our faces until their goods are all sold out, more like until we’re convinced to prove we love someone by patronizing them.

This is actually one of the times in the year people low key look forward to. People who are in love find every opportunity to express their love for the ones they cherish the most. However, valentine is also a time when people who are not in romantic relationships feel left out, you certainly do not want to be in that gang, find a boo and hold one. *winks.

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Valentine Gifts

One of the most recognised ways of showing or expressing your heartfelt love to a special person in your life is by giving gifts. After all, in the book, The Five Love Languages, the author clearly states that giving gifts is actually a love language and he went further to explain how people respond to it.

You certainly do not want to skip giving gifts to someone whose primary or first love language is Gifts. The other love Language as written by Garry Chapman and is recommended for everyone who has a relationship with people to read is; Words of Affirmation, Touch, Acts of service and Quality time.

When it comes to giving of gifts in relationships, the author clearly states that people who have this as their primary love language hardly ever bother about the cost or quality of a gift given to them, they are most concerned with the fact that one considers them important enough to get them a gift.

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The thought that a person whom they love gets them a gift, no matter how little, means the world to them. This does not mean that you shouldn’t go out of your way when you can to get a loved one gifts. It just means they will definitely appreciate what you get for them from the depths of their heart.

Getting gifts for a partner or someone you admire and want to get their attention a valentine’s gift is a little tasking, honestly. The thought that you have to gift them on their birthdays, for Christmas, phew! but this is just so much easier if you can get creative.

The only time this won’t be a task is when and if you can’t tell the items exactly your significant other needs. If you look closely and are able to tell that some items are lacking, then you can find the most romantic ways to pack up these items.

If it happens that your partner seems to lack almost nothing, then you might want to settle for a mini-vacation or better still, a dinner date or some other kind of date, but you want to be sure it’s something that expresses your love for that person.

Valentine Gift Ideas for Her

It is quite easy to get gifts for ladies, though a lot of ladies are picky, which can make things even more difficult but then, isn’t that what makes us special?

Apart from having an exact idea of what your lady might be needing for Valentine’s, you might just want to ask outrightly, “Is there something you’ve always wanted for Valentine’s as a gift?, Hey babe, what would you want me to get for Valentine’s for you?

These are really cool ways to ask that question and spare yourself that brain racking exercise of what gifts to get her. Notwithstanding, we’ve come up with a list of reasonable Valentine gift ideas to get your woman or lady.

1. Jewelry:

Growing up as a girl child, in an average Nigerian home, I always saw my father give my mother treats on Valentine’s day, especially whenever he had just enough to spare.

Wherever they went to have their time was none of my business, but he always came back home with a box set of earrings for the other girls in the house. I never cared what Valentine’s all about as a kid, but the fact that I was definitely getting some new fancy earrings was enough to wait for Valentine’s day.

So, if you’re out of ideas, you could get her some really beautiful piece of accessories. Maybe just a neckpiece, an earring, a bracelet, or an entire set of jewellery and a wristwatch to go with. If you want to make it extra special, a custom made neckpiece will be more than appreciated. Thank me later!

2. A dress:

No matter how financially independent a lady is, there is always one piece of clothing she “wishes” is in her collection. Yep, ladies always have a need for clothing and I’m sure she must have made mention of this once or twice, you just did not pay attention.

Isn’t Valentine a perfect time to gift her that dress if you can afford it? Keep your ears open or just go ahead and ask her.

3. Box of Love:

Yes, you read that and you might be wondering what exactly that is, hold on. At the start of this post, we got to see how business owners are trying so hard to sell off their goods, especially because it’s Valentine’s.

Business owners all of over social media have found creative ways that will show your partner just how much you love them only for a token. Some of these packages have purses, some chocolates, perfumes, accessories, a love note, most times what you want to be spelt or written out, an exquisite wine, a wristwatch, etc.

Sometimes on request, you can decide to have specific items in these packages, all you need to do is place that order. Also important is that you’d be supporting a local business if you do.

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4. A Make-Up Kit:

Getting this gift will speak so much even without you saying a word to her. It will mean you care so much about her looks and appreciate all she does to look good. It also means you want to contribute to the efforts she puts into looking beautiful for you every day. A mak-up kit is something every lady who loves to make up will appreciate.

5. Skin Care Routine:

This is equally another essential item every lady needs and will definitely appreciate. You might want to try taking her to a Spar and give her a treat. Then ask that a skincare routine is recommended for her skin type. This will be a memorable and appreciated act to do.

6. Set of Panties:

Most guys find it difficult doing this but believe me, it’s worth it. Get her some Victoria Secrets and this year valentine will be one of the best for both of you. If she is yet to say YES!, then this might be the time to show her you really care.

Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

Gifting a man is definitely one of the most difficult tasks in the world, but I trust the ladies, ladies are the most sensitive beings on earth, this means they pay close attention to the itsy-bitsy details of your life. You’d be shocked at how your woman can gift you an item you alone know you need.

If picking a gift for your man is that difficult, you might as well ask him what he wants and save yourself the stress. However, here is a list of few items your man will definitely appreciate if you present them to him.

1. A Pair of Shoes:

That’s right. The guys are definitely excited about this one, they’d love it. You might say “he doesn’t wear shoes so much”, well if YOU get one for him, I bet he’d love it and wear it like it’s the only pair he has.

You might also say “he has all the shoes”, there might just be one he doesn’t have and it will become his favourite pair, maybe a different colour of a suede shoe or a new trend of sneakers. Just look again.

2. Apple Wristwatch:

If he happens to be a tech person, getting something like an Apple wristwatch will make a lot of sense and will be very much appreciated.

3. Leather Jacket:

For a stylish and fashionable man, they will always tell you that finding a jacket that can fit perfectly is like going on a treasure hunt, it’s almost always impossible to find.

Surely, you can always find one on an online store but you want to be sure it’s exactly something he’d like. Handpicking a leather jacket of a rare colour like brown, beige or even maroon for his Valentine gift is definitely a perfect idea.

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4. Wireless Earphones or Headsets:

For men who love music and love to play games a lot, this is absolutely a great gift idea. Rest assured that your man will love you for life if you happen to get him any of these.

5. A Shirt:

I know, the men are always saying they’re tired of getting clothing items as gifts from their women, but a custom made shirt with something that represents him will definitely speak a lot to him. Maybe a photo of him on the shirt or something he loves to say or do or even believes in. He’ll definitely love that gift.

6. Card or Board Games:

If he likes to spend time with his friends playing games, something different from PS4 and PS5 won’t bite. Board games like Chess, Monopoly, etc. It could even be an avenue for you two to spend more time bonding.

Too many times, we can always catch the male folk saying they hardly ever get gifts from anyone, you do not want your man to be in that category this time. You want to gift him something for Valentine’s and have him see that there’s someone who loves him deeply, whether or not he has everything in the world to offer.

Women on the other hand appreciate the little acts of kindness and are completely blown away whenever the men go the extra mile.

A gift for Valentine is certainly a way of expressing your love towards your significant other and you do not want to lose this chance either. While we make your gift search easier, plan to enjoy Valentine’s day. Happy Valentine!!!

Now your turn!

Did we miss anything in the least above? Please drop your comments below.

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