9mobile Data Code That Works This Year


9mobile Data Code That Works This Year

9mobile is one of the popular telecommunication networks in Nigeria. It provides users with a wide range of data offers that they can use to perform more internet-related activities or even connect effectively with friends on social media platforms by simply subscribing to a data plan.

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Subscribing to these data plans will only take a minute to get them on your 9mobile number. To subscribe, you must first know the data plans and fees paid for it.

9Mobile Data Plans that Works This Year

For 9mobile network users, you can subscribe to daily, weekly, weekend, monthly, yearly, or quarterly data plans. We would provide the list of these data plans and the 9mobile data code to subscribe to.

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9mobile data plans and code for subscribing to it

Daily Data Plan

There are many 9mobile data codes to subscribe to for the daily data plan, which will only last for 24 hours or more but expire less than a week before it expires. So you have to finish it within the time given. Below are the daily data plans and the 9mobile data codes for it:

  • 50MB for N50 -> *299*3*8# (24 hours)
  • 100MB + Social for N100 -> *299*3*1# (24 hours)
  • 300MB + 300 secs call for N150 -> *299*3*15# (24 hours)
  • 650MB for N200 -> *299*3*2# (24 hours)
  • 1GB for N300 -> *299*3*3# (24 hours)
  • 2GB + social for N500 -> *299*3*4# (3 days)

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Weekly Data Plan

Unlike daily data plans, weekly data plans can last only seven days. They include:

  • 250MB for N200 -> *229*2*10# (7 days)
  • 1GB + social for N500 -> *229*2*1# (7 days)
  • 1GB + 1GB night (2GB) for N500 -> *229*2*15# (2 weeks)
  • 7GB social for N1,500 -> *229*2*2# (7 days)

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Monthly Data Plan

For the monthly data plans, here are the codes you will dial and how much you will pay: 1 month

  • 500MB for N500 -> *229*2*12#
  • 5.5GB + 4GB Night for N2,000 -> *229*2*8# (1 month)
  • 7GB + 4GB Night l for N2,500 -> *229*2*16# (1 month)
  • 12GB for N3,000 -> *229*2*5# (1 month)
  • 15GB + 3.5GB Night for N4,000 -> *229*2*36# (1 month)
  • 24GB for N5,000 -> *229*2*37# (1 month)
  • 35GB for N7,000 -> *229*2*17# (1 month)
  • 50GB for N10,000 -> *229*4*1# (1 month)
  • 80GB for N15,000 -> *229*02*4# (1 month)
  • 125GB for N20,000 -> *229*2*6# (1 month)


Quarterly Data Plan

If you are subscribing to the data for business purposes, you can use the quarterly or two monthly data plans, which are:

  • 75GB for N25,000 dial *229*5*1# (3 months)
  • 225GB for N30,000 dial *229*5*6# (2 months)
  • 425GB for N50,000 dial *229*5*7# (3 months)


Yearly Data Plan
  • To get 165GB for N50,000 (offer valid for 6 Months) -> dial *229*5*2#
  • To get 600GB for N70,000 (offer valid for 6 Months) -> dial *229*5*8#
  • To get 1TB for N100,000 (offer valid for 1 Year) -> dial *229*5*3#

How to Check 9mobile Data Balance

You do not know your data balance and wish to check it and know when your last data bundle will be exhausted or how low it is so that you won’t run out of data during an internet transaction. This is a simple step that is very easy to do.

Here are the steps to follow to check your data balance using USSD codes:

  • Dial *228# on your 9mobile phone number
  • press the send/call button
  • Follow any other instructions given to you if you dial the USSD code.
  • You will receive your data balance on your phone, and an SMS will be sent to you shortly after you dial the code.

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You can also use the SMS method to know your data balance. All you have to do is send info in an SMS to 228, and you will also view your data balance and receive it through SMS.

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