Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a Neurological condition or disability that affects how people associate with others, interact, or learn. It begins at a tender age, before age 3, and may last through the person’s lifetime.

In some children, the symptoms may appear within the first 12 months of life; in others, they may be noticed during the first 24 months. Some children with Autism spectrum disorder keep increasing and developing both mentally and Physically till they reach around 18-24 months of age, when they stop gaining new skills and may even lose the ones that they have acquired.

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As these kids develop into adolescents and young adults, they struggle to build and maintain friendships, communicate with peers and adults, and understand what behaviours they should exhibit in school or at a job.

Research has made Scientists believe that multiple factors of Autism Spectrum disorder contribute to the change in the development of people. There are many things to learn about the Neurological condition; keep reading to know more.

Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

People who have these disorders always show signs and symptoms and exhibit certain characteristics that pose a lot of life challenges to them. These symptoms include:

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Social communication and interaction

  • Always avoid and do not keep eye contacts
  • Does not respond to their names when called (from 9 months of age)
  • Does not notice when others are hurt or angry
  • Does not share their interest with others
  • Does not notice the presence of other children or join them to play
  • Do not pretend to be what they are not, like a superhero or even a teacher or share in imaginative plays
  • Do not dance, sing or act
  • Talks in a sing-song or robot-like manner


Restricted or Repetitive behaviours

  • They set objects in a specific order and get upset when the order is changed.
  • Repeats words and phrases over and over again
  • They have difficulties with listening and paying attention
  • Easily upset by minor changes
  • They can be or show serious focus on a moving part of an object.
  • Some others may have difficulties with sleeping.

Other symptoms include:

  • Delayed cognitive or learning skill
  • Delayed speaking or language skill
  • Delayed movement skill
  • They are Hyperreactive, impulsive, and inattentive
  • May have epilepsy and seizures
  • Have unusual sleeping and eating habits
  • Unusual emotional reactions
  • Show of anxiety, stress, worry or depression
  • Does not show signs of fear or fears more than the situation demands

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Causes of the Autism Spectrum Disorder

There have not been any known primary causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Still, there have been studies which suggest that the body acts with an aspect of its environment, which affects development and may lead to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

So, the two main causes of this neurological disorder, as supported by research, are environmental and Genetic factors.


Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Treatment for this Neurological condition should begin as soon as possible after diagnosis. Also, they should be given proper care, service, and support to reduce their difficulties and help them build their skills while learning and improving in their social environment.

You can treat it through two methods: the first is by behaviour, and the second is by using medications or both.

Treatment Involving Behavioural Therapy

Behavioural therapy to treat the condition involves the entire family and a team of medical professionals. The children that are unaffected by this condition are given intensive behavioural treatment or training to help them cope and survive; you can do this by:

  • Teaching them core social, communication, and language skills.
  • Helping them reduce the behaviours that interfere with their daily functioning
  • Helping  them build up their strength
  • Help them acquire life skills that will enable them to live independently.

Treatment Involving the Use of Medications

There has not been any discovered medication that can cure it, but your healthcare provider can help you reduce its symptoms by giving medications that are capable of treating a specific symptom; with it, an ASD patient can have fewer issues with:

  • irritability
  • Repetitive behaviours
  • Aggression
  • Hyperreactivity
  • Issues related to paying attention
  • Anxiety and depression


There is no way of preventing the occurrence of the conditions, but by early diagnosis and intervention, you can help prevent further damage and reduce the symptoms.

And for pregnant women, you can lower the risk of having a baby with the conditions by paying heed to the following:

  • Stop taking alcohol during pregnancy: No matter the quantity or amount of alcohol you take during pregnancy, it is not safe for you.
  • Live Health: Your lifestyle can also contribute to the occurrence of this condition in your baby or reduce the risk of having a baby with the condition. Ensure you eat a nutritious diet, exercise, and visit your health care provider.
  • Medications: Ensure you seek the advice of your health care provider concerning the medicines which are safe during pregnancy to avoid the risk of having a baby with the condition.
  • Vaccinations: make sure that all the vaccinations you are expected to take during pregnancy are up to date; this can also lower the risk of having a baby with the condition.

This disorder is a condition that has no cure, but sometimes, a child may experience a reduction in symptoms as they get older or if there is an early intervention.

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