13 Benefits of Using Social Media in the Educational Sector


Benefits of Using Social Media in the Educational Sector

Social media has quietly developed in our system to the extent that we cannot do with social media for a day. Most times, what we do on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social media sites is not worth our precious moments, yet we waste them doing nothing on social media platforms.

You may not have realised that you can benefit from social media when we use it in the educational sector. It connects tutors with eager students who are always enthusiastic to acquire knowledge about something new.

Benefits of Using Social Media in the Educational Sector

Here is the list of the major benefits of using social media in the educational sector, they include:

1) Online learning and teaching are made easy

With social media, learning and teaching are a lot easier than it is in the case of learning and teaching in a physical classroom. Educators can easily deliver lectures through the use of webinars and other related platforms.


2) It serves as an engagement tool

Social media is an effective tool for engaging students, educational experts can engage their students in social media platforms by creating webinars, and discussion forums to enhance their learning experience.

3) Enables effective communication

Students can use social media platforms like Facebook, and WhatsApp among others to share their views and opinions concerning their learning methods and how it can be improved.

4) Effective Research tool

Social media enables students to conduct research concerning a topic and get to know what experts have to say about that subject matter, get their opinions and advice on issues they find hard to deal with and also extract data and facts that will help them increase their learning experience.

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5) Social media, a problem-solving platform

This is another benefit of social media to the educational sector, with problem-solving platforms like Quora, students can get answers to their questions and puzzles on any topic in their syllabus.

6) Encourages creativity

Students and teachers alike can demonstrate their skills, be creative and share their creativity with other social media users with the same interest and passion in social media platforms.

It allows students to explore their talents and express them in different ways such as posting photos, blogs, audio clips, videos and articles thereby creating future opportunities from what they can presently do.

7) Limitless digital learning with video conferencing app

With the help of video conferencing apps, digital learning is limitless. Video conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom among others have added many limitless possibilities that you can explore either as a teacher or a student from the comfort of your home.


8) Enough learning resources to use

As a student who wishes to learn new things on social media, You can have access to a lot of documents, study guides, and many more to increase your knowledge from sites like Google Docs and other related social media platforms.

9) News Updates

As a student, you can get news updates from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others concerning trending news about academics, technological development, job openings and entertainment, etc.

10) Distance learning opportunities

This is another great benefit of social media to the educational sector, through the help of social media sites, you can connect with and have access to distance learning opportunities which you would never get or grab without social media.

11) Important for awareness creation

You can educate your clients about anything be it a business advert, recent crises around them, health tips, updates on academic fields and many more through the help of social media platforms.

12) Connects you with other students with similar interests around the globe

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest and others connect students who are eager to learn with like minds and similar interests thereby facilitating group discussions and social interaction among students.

13) Opportunity to meet with professionals

This is one of the benefits of social media in the educational sector, social media sites enable students to meet with experts and professionals in that particular field that they want to be clarified on.

Experts who would give you professional advice are always available on social media platforms, all you just have to do is seek their service and grab immense insight from them.


Bottom Line

there are so many benefits of social media to the educational sector which are enjoyed by both students and teachers alike, you get professional advice, news updates, distance learning opportunities, solve academic problems, and even have access to a tool that you can use to effectively research and develop your work all thanks to social media platform which has made everything a lot easier for us.

But while you enjoy the benefits of social media, you also be aware that there are some risks and disadvantages of using social media which are not favourable, so you have to be careful so you won’t fall victim to Cyberbullying and other social media vices.

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