How to migrate to the BetaTalk Tariff plan on MTN


How to Migrate to the BetaTalk Tariff Plan on MTN

How can I migrate to MTN’s BetaTalk Tariff plan?

What will I benefit from if I migrate to the BetaTalk Plan?

These are the questions that may be going on through your mind as you ponder on the decision to change your tariff plan.

How to migrate to MTN BetaTalk plan and get 300% airtime bonus - Ug Tech Mag

BetaTalk is one of the most popular and mostly used tariff plans; it is a tariff plan where you enjoy a fat airtime and data bonus on every airtime recharge you make. This tariff plan is among the best MTN tariff plans most subscribers want.

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Before we continue, we will inform you about some of the benefits of using or joining the BetaTalk plan, which you are unaware of.

Benefits of BetaTalk Tariff Plan

Here are the benefits of using or migrating to the Betatalk tariff, they include:

  • You get a 200% reward on every recharge from N100 and above
  • You enjoy your bonus airtime for seven days
  • Your bonus airtime can be used for National calls, SMS and PAYG data
  • You can also enjoy a 250% airtime bonus and a 250% data bonus on every recharge from N1 to N999, a 250% airtime bonus, and an N2500 FLAT for data activities when you recharge from N1,000 above.
  • You get a 100MB data bonus on every recharge of N100 and above, and it will last for seven days.
  • Your first airtime recharge for the week will be awarded the data bonus, but your subsequent recharges will not attract any data bonus.

There are many more benefits which you will enjoy by using the BetaTalk plan.

MTN Nigeria - MTN BetaTalk plan gives you 3 times your recharge as bonus!  And, the bonus credit can be used to browse, call and text all networks!  Simply dial *123*2*6# or

How can I Migrate to the BetaTalk tariff Plan?

If you are taking that question, worry no more because we will tell you the steps and procedures you can follow and do that easily.

You can Migrate to the betatalk tariff plan in three ways which are:

  • By dialling the USSD code
  • Through the SMS method
  • And Through the MTN app
  • Through the Chatbox (Zigi)
  • You can also Migrate through the myMTN web

By dialling the USSD code

This is one of the simplest ways to migrate to this tariff plan; you can migrate within a few minutes when you dial the USSD code.

  • Dial *123# on your mobile phone.
  • In the list of options provided, select option 2 and send
  • In the next option provided for you, select option 1 and send
  • Also, Choose option 1 in the final list of options and send
  • You have successfully migrated to your choices tariff plan.

You can simply dial the code once, 1232*1#, and choose option 1.

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Through the SMS method

You can also migrate through the SMS method; all you have to do is Send BT to 312, and you will migrate as simply as that.


Through the MTN app

You can also Migrate to the BetaTalk tariff plan through the MTN app; these are the procedures:

  • Download and Log in to myMTN NG app
  • Select the tariff name under the bell icon in the top right corner of the landing page
  • Click on the Change Plan button on the Migrate Plan page
  • Search for Betatalk and select it to migrate successfully.

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Through the Chatbox (Zigi)

  • Login to the Chatbox (Zigi)
  • Click on start a new conversation
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter the OTP which was sent to your phone number
  • Select Services from the option provided
  • Also, proceed to click on “Tariff plan “
  • Select “Personal”
  • Select “BetaTalk”
  • Confirm the migration to complete the steps.


You can also migrate through the myMTN website.

To migrate through the myMTN web, here are the processes to follow:

  • Visit
  • Log in
  • Put in your Phone number
  • Enter the OTP and proceed
  • On the top right corner of the home page, click your name
  • Select My plan
  • Select other plans
  • Select MTN BeatTalk to complete the process and migrate successfully.

You can use any of the procedures mentioned above to migrate to the BetaTalk tariff Plan; you will not be charged if it is your first time migrating in 30 days but will be charged in subsequent migrations within the same month.

You can also use the main account airtime if you migrate to other tariff plans, but you can’t share it or use the airtime bonus. To migrate or opt out of the Betatalk Tariff plan, simply dial the migration code of the tariff plan you want to migrate to.

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